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Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2016: Renewables full throttle!

As the first global gathering after COP21 in Paris, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week was an interesting place to gauge the global temperature.

What if we stopped sugarcoating CSR and added a bit of realism to the discussion?

Written by: Nicolas Delaunay, Founder of Values Added  As I was hearing world leaders, at the opening of COP21, competing for the most earnest, lyrical declaration about the imperative to take action on climate change (“for sure this time, cross my

Increased CSR Activities in Ramadan

CSR Initiatives in Ramadan 2015

Now that most companies are implementing CSR rather than philanthropic practices, many initiatives are launched at this time of the year in alignment with the theme of the Holy Month of Ramadan. This article lists some of the initiatives announced

Moving From PR Driven CSR To Strategic Aligned Social Investment

Moving From PR Driven CSR To Strategic Aligned Social Investment

As senior executives become more interested in a ‘sustainability’ agenda, the onus is on CSR teams to take the opportunity to elevate social investment to a higher place on the radars screen of business strategy.

A 12 Year Corporate Social Responsibility Legacy Comes to Lebanon

Lebanon will host the first CSR Levant Summit to be held on 15-17 April 2015 at ESA Business School (École supérieure des affaires) in Beirut. CSR Levant is part of the successful CSR and sustainability event series that take place

Are CSR Programmes the Answer?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR ) programs are becoming increasingly popular in corporate America. There is no doubt that most make positive contributions to society and in some cases, make the sponsoring corporations more profitable.