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How to give it: Why charity should begin in the science lab

By Caroline Fiennes This article first published Financial Times and Giving Evidence  Not all charities are good causes. This may sound surprising, because we’re used to thinking of them all as being somehow virtuous, but they vary in their effectiveness. Smart donors

The Success of the Oil and Gas Industry directly tied to proper CSR integration

The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility is not only an issue being actively discussed in the Middle East; it's also being taken seriously in the U.S.

Yalla, time for collaboration, big problems-solving and action!

Find out from Nicolas Delaunay, Founder of Values Added, how we can practically contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals; on a local and global level, in our private and professional capacities.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Qatar

As the approach to social issues is changing in Qatar. See how Qatari organisations have shifted their stance and addressed these issues through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Oman Report

  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is on everyone’s lips these days. A recent study of CSR professionals in Oman, conducted by Informa Middle East, identified some of the challenges they face as they strive to implement initiatives in their organisations.

Jordan Minister of Environment joins Islamic Reporting Initiative

Jordan’s Minister of Environment, H.E. Dr Taher Shakhshir, has announced his position as a member on the Islamic Reporting Initiative’s (IRI) Advisory Council, to work towards furthering sustainable and ethical business practice in Jordan and across the Islamic world. Speaking