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Communicating CSR: The Role of Public Relations

Once seen as a peripheral to companies’ main businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility is now becoming standard practice. But unless corporations communicate their CSR achievements wisely, they risk being accused of ‘greenwashing’. Defining Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioners assert that CSR is

6 Top CSR And Sustainability Practices In MENA

CSR initiatives are driven by the government’s support, the involvement of large multinationals and an aspiration to maintain international standards and best practices. Find out more about some of the best CSR practices in the region.

Accelerating Progress to Empowerment Rural Women

This five-year Joint Programme aims to economically empowering rural women in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Nepal, Niger and Rwanda. This report provides more insights into about this programme, its success factors and its final results.

From Corporate Philanthropy to Sustainable CSR Strategies

Similar to other parts of the region, charitable practices have always existed in the Levant. However, the established tradition of philanthropy is often confused with the newer practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Even though CSR is an emerging activity

Aligning CSR with the Qatar National Vision 2030

CSR Qatar Summit 2014

The popularity of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is growing. In a country like Qatar, CSR initiatives are driven by strong socio-cultural factors which already promote such values. Although traditionally it has been seen as a philanthropic practice, most businesses are now understanding the value CSR adds

Top CSR Trends in Saudi Arabia

CSR Saudi Arabia 2014

The popularity of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is growing. In a country like Saudi Arabia, CSR initiatives are driven by strong sociocultural factors which already promote such values. Although traditionally it has been seen as a philanthropic practice, most businesses