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Study Reveals the General Consensus about CSR in West Africa

Study Reveals the General Consensus about CSR in West Africa

Conducted by Informa Middle East & Africa, the results of a survey taken by professionals from some of Africa’s most renowned organisations have been released highlighting key trends and challenges for social corporate responsibility in the region. The survey included

How mobile technology can improve working life in emerging economies

This report sets out to build on this exciting innovation and demonstrate how mobile technology can help to improve lives in emerging markets by looking at six opportunities to create shared value for workers and organisations.

Top 6 Challenges For Today’s CSR Executive

Today's consumers are unlikely to accept the premise that a company only operates to make a profit; they want to see businesses making a difference to their community and standing out from the competition. Customers are presented with so much

Corporate Sustainability: UAE Is On The Right Track, But Needs To Take More Steps

The number of sustainability initiatives in the UAE is growing and that is an encouraging sign that more businesses think about the impact they are having. And yet, though more companies recognize the importance of corporate sustainability, in the 2013