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Empowering Youth Unemployment & Poverty in MENA

Building human capital will increase youth’s competitiveness, employment opportunities, and enhance their economic condition thus strengthening communities and reducing poverty.

6 Top CSR And Sustainability Practices In MENA

CSR initiatives are driven by the government’s support, the involvement of large multinationals and an aspiration to maintain international standards and best practices. Find out more about some of the best CSR practices in the region.

From Corporate Philanthropy to Sustainable CSR Strategies

Similar to other parts of the region, charitable practices have always existed in the Levant. However, the established tradition of philanthropy is often confused with the newer practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Even though CSR is an emerging activity

The Impact of Sustainability Reporting

The Impact of Sustainability Reporting

Juliette Gaussem from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) discusses with CSR Pulse the importance of sustainability reporting. Find out some of the tips that will help your company publish a sustainability report

Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry announces 2nd CSR Qatar

As the need to adopt a sustainable social and economic model becomes more apparent for regional economies, Qatar is preparing for the next step in its journey toward inclusive growth by hosting the 2nd edition of the annual CSR Qatar.

Sustainability Strategy Driving Commercial Value

Sustainability Strategy Driving Commercial Value

Sustainability. What is it and how do business leaders and boards navigate its complexity? Sustainability is about more than demonstrating corporate social responsibility activities. It is uniquely complex to navigate as it incorporates environmental, social, ethical and governance integration, right through