Ecosia – Search the web, save the environment

Now we can make a difference even when we’re sitting behind our screens.

Ecosia was founded by Christian Kroll, Ecosia’s CEO, in December 2009. Christian studied business administration in Nuremberg and decided to travel the world for some inspiration on a business model with a positive social impact. He visited India and Thailand and finally decided to stay in Nepal for a while to establish “Xabbel”, a local search engine that was supposed to help generate funds for local NGO projects. With an average of only four hours of electricity per day, Christian soon had to abandon “Xabbel”, but the idea for a search engine with a positive impact stayed with him. Christian carried on traveling and set up camp in Argentina for a few months. He learnt a lot about reforestation projects in the Atlantic Rainforest in Argentina and Brazil and also read Thomas L. Friedman’s book “Hot, Flat and Crowded”. It taught him a lot about the connection between globalization and climate change and how planting new trees could actually neutralize CO2 emissions on a big scale. This is when Christian realized he wanted to engage in forest preservation to help the environment. He came up with the idea of a search engine that helped finance planting and restoration projects. In late 2009, the idea for was born and the tree planting search engine launched in December of that year.

The idea for a search engine with a positive impact stayed with Christian Kroll

Let’s say you search with Ecosia three times a day for a year. That’s already a modest assumption, most people actually search the internet far more times each day. But let’s stick with three times a day…

That would mean 1095 search requests a year. Since we plant a new tree for every 56 searches on average (you can find more information on this here), you alone could finance 19.5 real trees every year.

Now imagine that we can persuade 100 people in our office alone, to start using Ecosia and contributing to the tree planting effort. That would mean we could plant 1955 actual trees in a year.

I’m on my way to planting trees while at work, why don’t you join too?

The instructions are super simple, head to and follow these two steps.

You can find more information here.