Go Bananas at Informa!

By CSR Pulse

Go Bananas, the annual fundraising event at Informa, launched its 8th edition in May and June, raising almost $150,000 in sponsorship for cancer research, with AED 17,360 generated from the Dubai office alone. After 8 consecutive years, Informa Global is proud to have raised almost $445,000.

This year, employees had the chance to contribute by participating in various activities including fun runs as well as smoothie sales and auctions. While our colleagues in London, USA, and the Netherlands went for a 3km run, our Dubai officemates held jumble sales and competitions indoors to beat summer heat.

Shabnam Rawal, Managing Director Conferences at Informa Middle East, said, “Thank you everyone for donating generously to the cause and for supporting your teams in their effort to raise this unprecedented amount of money for the Dubai office. During the last two weeks of the initiative, we saw a range of innovative ideas. Each and every activity was received with great enthusiasm.”

The best way to promote CSR across an organisation is for the leadership to drive the initiative themselves and Informa’s senior management were at the forefront of the activities. On the 5th of June, members of our head office in London chased a banana bunch, which consisted of senior management members and CEO Stephen Carter in Bananaman costumes, around a 3km track.

Early this year, Ros Oxley, MD of ICBI, a division of Informa plc, was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone a course of chemotherapy which has resulted in the inevitable and regrettable hair-loss. Having not shown her new look to anyone, Ros decided to bare-all and spend the day in the office and then walk the Banana Run with her team without a hat or a wig.

Phil Morris, General Manager of Informa Middle East, was there as he was in London at the time. “Ros Oxley participated by walking around the course and unashamedly displayed her loss of hair. It was humbling to be someone so courageous. I know we have had our share of people in Dubai who have had to cope with Cancer, and the good news is that progress is being made and mainly thanks to ordinary people like us who are prepared to give to support the fight,” he said.

This video was taken by our colleagues in the London office at the start of the Go Bananas initiative this year. The enthusiasm of everyone that is recorded here summarises the general sentiment about this much anticipated event every year in our offices.

“Happy” Video by our colleagues at Informa London for Go Bananas 2014