Increased CSR Activities in Ramadan

CSR Initiatives in Ramadan 2015

Across the Middle East, Ramadan has always been known as the month of giving. While individuals start preparing for the festivities of the Holy Month, households and companies alike start revising their budgets to include alms giving. Even though charitable activities are encouraged and carried out throughout the year as an integral part of Muslim traditions and Arabic culture, such practices drastically increase during Ramadan.

Now that most companies are implementing CSR rather than philanthropic practices, many initiatives are launched at this time of the year in alignment with the theme of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The following are some of the initiatives announced earlier this month in anticipation of Ramadan.

Iftar Meals in Bahrain

Lulu Hypermarket in Bahrain has launched a series of initiatives for Ramadan this year. The most prominent of which is the “Joy of Giving” initiative, distributing Ramadan Charity Boxes with up to 500 Iftar meals.

The initiatives also include a Ramadan Souk Tent project located at Ramli Mall with the objective of supporting small enterprises. A traditional market will be set up as well for small traders for free, selling and marketing their goods.

Health Education in Ras Al Khaimah

RAK Properties launched two CSR initiatives for the month of Ramadan. Teaming up with the Preventative Medical Centre and Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the programmes involved organising a blood donation drive in the retail boulevard of Julphar Avenue, which saw more than 100 participants donate blood.

Another initiative was launched with the name “Heat Stroke & Hydration Scheme” for the labour force in Mina Al Arab area. Conducted in collaboration with the Health Education & Communication Department, this involved a visit by a team of medical experts to a couple of construction sites, advising workers about dealing with heat stress during the summer and the importance of staying hydrated. In addition, meal boxes were handed out to the workers.

Du Supporting Rural Areas in Dubai

In collaboration with Tarahum Charity Foundation, Du will distribute up to 20,000 boxes of 13 essential Ramadan food items to families across the rural areas of Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The meals will also be packed in reusable, environmentally friendly boxes. Volunteers will be distributing toys, books, clothes and other useful items along with the meals.

The programme was designed to enable customers to participate by volunteering and by using a portion of the revenue to serve the community.

Strengthening the Islamic Values of Humanitarian Care in Ajman

The Ajman Customer Services Centre of the Emirates Identity Authority is also organising an initiative under the title of “Your Iftar is on us” which distributes Ramadan Al Mir, consisting of food provisions for the needy among the centre’s customers and visitors. One of the objectives of this initiative was to strengthen the Islamic values of humanitarian care and social cohesion.

Promoting Solar Cooking in the UAE

Launched by Beacon Energy Solutions, this initiative was aimed at promoting solar power as an alternative to conventional energy. The programme invited 220 students across 3 different schools to learn how to harness the sun’s energy in cooking, instilling sustainable practices in younger generations.

The students, who were between grades 5 and 8, cooked a packet of noodles in simple solar cookers which they have assembled themselves. As a result of the huge success of the programme, Beacon announced the launch of a second round later this year and potentially aims to have more than 11,000 students participating.

While Ramadan is commonly known to be a slow month for businesses, it usually includes the launch of the biggest number of CSR activities compared to other months of the year. Now, companies that are adopting strategic CSR practices are leveraging the spirit of giving and the high number of participants and volunteers during the Holy Month.