Islamic Reporting Initiative Growing

Islamic Reporting Initiative Growing

Launched only last month, the Islamic Reporting Initiative is rapidly gaining support and momentum from across the Islamic world.

The latest members to express support for the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI), are the International Medical Centre (IMC) in Jeddah, and Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals, a leading publicly listed company in Palestine.

“At Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals, we are pleased to announce a partnership with the Islamic Reporting Initiative”, says Dr Iyad Masrouji, CEO of Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals. “We recognise that as an international business, we have extensive capacity to generate real impact as part of our CSR programs (…) and we seek to maximize this potential. The IRI aspires to facilitate this, ensuring that our CSR program is mutually beneficial and complementary to business, community, and environment (…) As a partner, we intend to contribute insight to form a tool that facilitates prosperous conditions for all, and we hope to make a lasting impression in the way CSR reporting will be conducted in the future.”

The initiative, already receiving support from businesses, government organisations, non-profit organisations and educational institutions, aims to generate sustainable growth by building a framework for CSR built on Islamic principles, with the potential of reaching more than 50 Islamic countries worldwide.

Together with partners in the Islamic world, the initiative was launched by Drs Daan Elffers, the Chairman of last year’s CSR Summit in Saudi Arabia and a judge for the recent CSR Excellence Awards held in the UAE.

Drs Elffers identified that organisations are finding that the current, broad tools for CSR application are not always as practical or relevant in a local context. The IRI is an alternative and effective solution to this challenge, able to recognise and engage with the nuances of the local culture, while still working towards international standards of best practice and overcoming international challenges such as those addressed by the UN Development Goals.

The IRI welcomes partners from across the Islamic world to join the IRI, for leadership, development, and support, to help realise the extensive and positive impact this initiative can have on society and the environment.