Omani Companies Acknolwedging CSR as an Essential Part of Business

CSR in Oman

The concept of businesses giving back to their host society is far from new. But as more multi-national corporations adopt this idea, it has been gaining strength in recent years in Oman.

By giving back to the society, companies show a more caring side as well as benefiting their corporate image. Some major companies in Oman have started to take their social responsibilities more seriously. After realising that it’s an integral part of business, these companies are beginning to embrace CSR. One example is the OMAN LNG company, which donated £388,112 to the Oman Association for the Disabled.

Oman LNG’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Khalid bin Abdullah al Massan said that these donations would be used to purchase equipment for the disabled. He also said the company intends to make contributions every year in order to help those in need. Al Massan explained that the Oman LNG had incorporated CSR activities in its ethos since its establishment, and its first project was building the Sur Hospital. The company has been involved in around 3,300 projects over the last 14 years, costing £77, 622, 500.

Oman LNG understands the importance of giving back to the community and feels the need to do so, Al Massan says. He added that it is the community that supports the company’s business so they feel it is right to show their appreciation. Oman LNG wants to encourage other companies to follow its lead and is ready to provide anyone interested with information on its CSR projects and programmes. Successfully implemented CSR strategies can benefit a whole range of people and businesses.