Sustainability Strategy Driving Commercial Value

Sustainability Strategy Driving Commercial Value

Sustainability. What is it and how do business leaders and boards navigate its complexity? Sustainability is about more than demonstrating corporate social responsibility activities. It is uniquely complex to navigate as it incorporates environmental, social, ethical and governance integration, right through

Top 3 CSR Trends During The Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan has always been known as the month of giving in the Middle East. As individuals prepared for the usual rituals that accompany the month of fasting across the Muslim world, households also started adjusting their budgets for Ramdan’s alms

Go Bananas at Informa!

Go Bananas, the annual fundraising event at Informa, launched its 8th edition in May and June, raising almost $150,000 in sponsorship for cancer research, with AED 17,360 generated from the Dubai office alone. After 8 consecutive years, Informa Global is

4 NGOs That Promote Environmental Initiatives In The Middle East

In 2010, the Living Planet Report listed the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait in the top ten countries ranked for their ecological footprint per capita. In other words, the standard of living is extremely high and if replicated around the globe,

CSR Initiatives Bring Profit When Companies Adopt Them Whole-heartedly

A study by Clark University researchers, Zhihong Wang and Joseph Sarkis, on the relationship between sustainable supply chain management and corporate financial performance indicates that yes, companies can make more money by adopting CSR practices.

New Law To Regulate NGOs In UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE announced earlier in April that together with other authorities, it's drafting a federal bill to regulate activities of both regional and international non-government organisations (NGOs).