How to anchor CSR & Sustainability

By Z Davis, EMG Consultancy Embedding CSR & sustainability into your operations will set your business apart from the rest. But where do you start? What is it ‘sustainability champions’ do that other companies don’t? The short answer is: they’ve

5 steps to Stakeholder Engagement and Labor

Strategic stakeholder engagement (SSE) is a cost-effective approach to safeguarding human rights (including labour rights) along the supply chain and in business operations. It foresees a combined effort of different stakeholders and business to guarantee compliance with human rights.

Top 6 Challenges For Today’s CSR Executive

Today's consumers are unlikely to accept the premise that a company only operates to make a profit; they want to see businesses making a difference to their community and standing out from the competition. Customers are presented with so much

Corporate Sustainability: UAE Is On The Right Track, But Needs To Take More Steps

The number of sustainability initiatives in the UAE is growing and that is an encouraging sign that more businesses think about the impact they are having. And yet, though more companies recognize the importance of corporate sustainability, in the 2013

CSR as a Business Strategy: a talk with Daan Elffers (CEO, EMG-CSR)

In November 2013 Pi Slice was Silver Sponsor of CSR Saudi Arabia 2013, the prominent sustainability summit held in Jeddah. Founder and CEO of Pi Slice Genny Ghanimeh, presented her mission and vision for the organization and moderated a roundtable

Corporate Social Responsibility Central to Improving Prospects for Unemployed Youth

Corporate Social Responsibility Central to Improving Prospects for Unemployed Youth

Twenty-seven-year-old Emad Ayyash provides much needed guidance to new business start ups; Hanan Qandil, 29, empowers low-income young women to earn a living by selling crafts made out of recycled materials