How does a sociology degree program help in improving your society?

Despite the growing competition and less opportunities on face, students still take up business education in large numbers due to other benefits and opportunities it can offer.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2016: Renewables full throttle!

As the first global gathering after COP21 in Paris, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week was an interesting place to gauge the global temperature.

Young voices for the planet

When we look at the world, we see a huge divide between those who have practically nothing and those who have so much. One aspect of this divide is the issue of waste; not only the amount of waste created,

The Success of the Oil and Gas Industry directly tied to proper CSR integration

The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility is not only an issue being actively discussed in the Middle East; it's also being taken seriously in the U.S.

What if we stopped sugarcoating CSR and added a bit of realism to the discussion?

Written by: Nicolas Delaunay, Founder of Values Added  As I was hearing world leaders, at the opening of COP21, competing for the most earnest, lyrical declaration about the imperative to take action on climate change (“for sure this time, cross my

Yalla, time for collaboration, big problems-solving and action!

Find out from Nicolas Delaunay, Founder of Values Added, how we can practically contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals; on a local and global level, in our private and professional capacities.