Empowering Youth Unemployment & Poverty in MENA

Building human capital will increase youth’s competitiveness, employment opportunities, and enhance their economic condition thus strengthening communities and reducing poverty.

9 Steps to a Dynamic CSR Reporting

9 Steps to a Dynamic CSR Reporting

Knowing how to develop and launch a successful CSR programme and branding your CSR efforts are two very different things.

6 Top CSR And Sustainability Practices In MENA

CSR initiatives are driven by the government’s support, the involvement of large multinationals and an aspiration to maintain international standards and best practices. Find out more about some of the best CSR practices in the region.

Accelerating Progress to Empowerment Rural Women

This five-year Joint Programme aims to economically empowering rural women in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Nepal, Niger and Rwanda. This report provides more insights into about this programme, its success factors and its final results.

A 12 Year Corporate Social Responsibility Legacy Comes to Lebanon

Lebanon will host the first CSR Levant Summit to be held on 15-17 April 2015 at ESA Business School (École supérieure des affaires) in Beirut. CSR Levant is part of the successful CSR and sustainability event series that take place

Are CSR Programmes the Answer?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR ) programs are becoming increasingly popular in corporate America. There is no doubt that most make positive contributions to society and in some cases, make the sponsoring corporations more profitable.