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Will the ‘Year of Giving’ be the catalyser for CSR strategies in the UAE?

Should a strategic CSR plan within an organisation exceed much more than philanthropic initiatives? Theoretically, CSR includes four types of responsibilities: economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary.

Yalla, time for collaboration, big problems-solving and action!

Find out from Nicolas Delaunay, Founder of Values Added, how we can practically contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals; on a local and global level, in our private and professional capacities.

Top 3 CSR Trends During The Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan has always been known as the month of giving in the Middle East. As individuals prepared for the usual rituals that accompany the month of fasting across the Muslim world, households also started adjusting their budgets for Ramdan’s alms

Why Sustainability And Economic Growth Should Go Hand In Hand

In the past, there was one recipe for running a large company. It was all about setting profit targets and getting human and physical resources to achieve them. Today, however, things have changed. It's no longer just about making profits.

A trillion dollar business opportunity with CSR

According to the latest ‘Towards the Circular Economy’ report presented at the 2014 World Economic Forum in Davos, the circular economy could generate USD 1 trillion a year for the global economy by 2025, and create 100,000 new jobs.

How mobile technology can improve working life in emerging economies

This report sets out to build on this exciting innovation and demonstrate how mobile technology can help to improve lives in emerging markets by looking at six opportunities to create shared value for workers and organisations.