This World Water Week, why not start saying ‘NO’ to Plastic Bottles?

It takes 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled water [1]… More than the millions of tons of carbon dioxide emitted or barrels of oil used in the bottling water manufacturing process, it is worth keeping this environmental nonsense in mind before carrying on with your next plastic bottles consumption or purchase – it takes 3 times more water to make the bottle than to fill it…

If this weren’t enough, non-recycled plastic bottles (sadly, a plentiful of them) end up their journey in our oceans, largely contributing to one of today’s most pressing environmental threats: ‘floating landfills’ the size of Europe, killing birds and marine mammals by the millions each year, while micro- and nano debris enter our own food chain with yet unknown consequences to public health… The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated oceans would have more plastic than fishes by 2050! [2]

The worst – or the best – part in all this? You, your family, friends, colleagues, we can ALL do something about it, today! In our journey towards a decarbonized future, it is vital that everyone – businesses, schools and other institutions, individuals – goes “plastic bottle free”. Easy and safe drinking alternatives exist.

In this World Water Week, join me in supporting the Drop It ‘Say No To Plastic Bottles’ campaign, a small but vital step in preserving earth’s most essential and irreplaceable resource and ecosystems, and helping each of us do the right thing.

Find out more on the Drop It Facebook page here:

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[1] Pacific Institute, “Bottled water and energy / A fact sheet” and_sustainability/bottled_water/bott led_water_and_energy.html