Top 3 CSR Trends During The Holy Month of Ramadan

By CSR Pulse

Ramadan has always been known as the month of giving in the Middle East. As individuals prepared for the usual rituals that accompany the month of fasting across the Muslim world, households also started adjusting their budgets for Ramdan’s alms giving. While alms giving throughout the year distinguishes the Muslim traditions and the Arabic culture, this practice is even more heightened during Ramadan. This is also when most companies take advantage of the Holy month to launch their CSR initiatives.

1. Iftar Meals

Since breaking the fast is one of the most significant rituals of Ramadan, many companies got involved in providing Iftar meals for those who may need it.

Kendal & Co
. collaborated with Volunteer UAE to launch, Karama Kanteen, a Ramadan CSR initiative involving the preparation, transportation, and distribution of Iftar meals to over 750 labourers. With the partnership of City Chef, the project was aimed at giving the company employees a chance to prepare and distribute the meals themselves.
RAK Ceramics also hosted special Iftar dinner parties with over 6,000 factory workers and provided daily Iftar meals for over 1,500 Muslim factory employees.

2. Donations

In associated with Beit Al-Khair Society, Mashreq was one of the organisations that launched a Ramadan Drive to raise donations. Payments made by employees were donated to Beit Al-Khair’s Orphans program.
With the same spirit, Budget Saudi Arabia commenced a Donating 1 SAR per Rental Agreement. The programme stipulated that the company donates 1 SAR for every hired car in support of the handicapped, the orphans, and other underprivileged members of the community, “giving them a ‘Reason to Smile”.

Meanwhile, in Jordan, Airport International Group implemented several CSR initiatives in support of Tkiyet Um Ali, an Amman-based NGO. In an effort to promote social solidarity, the Group’s employees distributed goodwill parcels to a number of underprivileged families.

3. Raising Awareness

Emirates Gas LLC had its share of CSR activities during the Holy month of Ramadan too. The company launched its “Safe Cylinder, Safe Family” campaign along with ENOC, Emirates National Oil Company, and EPPCO, Emirates Petroleum Products Company. The initiative is mainly aimed at strengthening awareness on the proper procedures in handling, storing, and using Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders at home. Selected service stations of ENOC and EPPCO distributed to motorists specially prepared leaflets with the safe procedures and instructions as a part of this programme.

Famous for its CSR initiatives in Egypt, Mobinil started this year’s Ramadan program with several campaigns. The organisation has partnered, again, with actor Khalid Nabawy to launch a television series called Ebtedy to promote social awareness. The show featured locals who were able to overcome harsh conditions under extreme poverty as well as physically and mentally challenged individuals. The campaign features daily 5-minute shows, demonstrating how Egyptians are starting small business to support their lives. The campaign is aimed to inspire Egypt’s young adults who are faced with many economical obstacles including high unemployment rates. Khalid Mabawy is known for launching CSR initiatives, the most significant of which is last year’s awareness campaign about sexual harassment. Watch the promo video here (in arabic)